• Участник Depot WPF
  • Название работы МП-1-20 SUBTLE POSTERS
  • Конкурс / номинация МП-1 Арт-дирекшн
  • Рекламодатель Moccona
  • Авторы Креативные директора: Александр Загорский, Алексей Фадеев
    Копирайтер: Анастасия Третьякова
    Менеджеры проекта: Ася Дроздова, Екатерина Лаврова
  • Описание проекта Flavored coffee choice is always an impulse given by the consumer’s emotions. Breathing in its intense aroma people sink into the special mood. Choosing vanilla, hazelnut or caramel they crave for serenity, joy or romance. Its like a haiku when simple phrases turn into a flood of overwhelming emotion, when a moment is frozen in eternity. To communicate this to our customers, we created a new pattern language – language of the moment, of the mood, of the colour.

    To see more subtle details, look at the posters from a larger distance.