И-5-31 Heinz.Moms approved.

файл работы
  • Участник ЗАО Медиа Инстинкт
  • Название работы И-5-31 Heinz.Moms approved.
  • Конкурс / номинация И-5 Он-лайн кампании
  • Ссылка http://ok.ru/app/heinz
  • Рекламодатель Heinz
  • Авторы Denis Sigutin
  • Описание проекта In Russia there are 5 million mothers with children up to two years and 80% of them are active users of the Internet.
    How can we help mums after child birth?
    We have created a unique cross-platform application, where mothers can receive all the necessary information in the field of nutrition, use specially designed services, as well as play exciting games and take part in exciting competitions.