И-5-32 Axe Anarchy

файл работы
  • Участник Initiative
  • Название работы И-5-32 Axe Anarchy
  • Конкурс / номинация И-5 Он-лайн кампании
  • Рекламодатель Unilever
  • Авторы Unilever
    Initiative Moscow
    Advance Media Brands
  • Описание проекта Idea:
    We needed to announce a new product launch within Axe – Axe Anarchy. For the first time ever two fragrances appeared simultaneously – for boys and for girls. The idea of the campaign was to unleash the chaos of making men and women equally attracted. We started “anarchy” in media and broke the rules in different aspects.

    Young people who form the audience of the brand are becoming hard to reach even for such a brand like Axe. To catch attention of youngsters we needed to involve them into campaign creation.
    The main purpose for us was creation of unique video content as video consumption is the most important among the interests of our target audience.
    So the main platform we have chosen was the brand channel on Youtube and used social media to seed the Anarchy, amplify the impact and drive subscribers to Axe channel.

    Axe Anarchy launch was empowered with content about anarchy phenomenon. It started with a week of Anarchy on YouTube in synergy with top bloggers.
    TV was covered with Anarchy too by stealing MTV VJ and integrated in the TV channel content.
    In summer we supported promo in digital environment announcing Ibiza becoming Axe Island. For 1 week boys and girls competed for prizes. Top video bloggers were hosts and guys activity was shown on Axe channel together with hangouts from bloggers.

    Axe Anarchy campaign resulted in Axe highest market share in entire brand history. Axe Anarchy for him and for her both became bestsellers in brand portfolio.
    Unique content we have created due to this activation was and remains really interesting for our target audience. Axe channel attracted more than 100 000 loyal subscribers. Dealing with YouTude celebrities we have attracted part of their followers to our channel. In result, Axe channel on YouTube became the most popular branded channel in Russia.
    Besides, we received
    • Over 19,5 million views of our video
    • 73% of users contacted with campaign liked it
    • Intention to buy Axe grew by 15%