А-2-06 Brooke Bond Terminals

  • Участник Initiative
  • Название работы А-2-06 Brooke Bond Terminals
  • Конкурс / номинация А-2 Нестандартные и ambient медиа
  • Рекламодатель Unilever
  • Описание проекта Brooke Bond was forgotten after a period of media absence which negatively reflected its further development. The brand has low share of market in the category with very strong competition either on air or in a supermarket. Being not a top priority brand in the advertisers portfolio Brooke Bonds needs to leverage every single opportunity of any kind of presence or contact with its audience. We could not afford media support for the whole year. So we needed to provide perfect contact in the key period close to the sales location. The supermarket shelves are very cluttered as well as point of sales materials are badly controlled and have nothing apart from a static picture which of course could not drive loyalty anyway.

    Our plan was to use payment terminals as a non-standard POS media. These terminals are placed in every supermarket being a very popular tool of paying for public services, bills for goods delivery or cell phone. So they became the portal of communication with the brand at the purchasing occasion. Another thing is that the key period of the category from September to New Year is when the weather becomes cold, rainy and windy. And tea is a warming product which people love in poor weather as well as to receive impulse of cheerfulness. We combined the point of purchase, weather territory and the brand essence of an invigorative product.